Things I’m celebrating about 2016: Vipul


Before I die I want to… become a UX designer and book a visit to a city I’ve not been to before. Do more yoga.

Things I’m celebrating about 2016:

There are four developments that have defined my year in 2016.

One: First year of freelancing and not making a loss

– I left my job in 2015 because I was unhappy. I spent the rest of that year figuring out what to do: to continue to looking for a new job or freelance. The latter just happened, and continued throughout 2016. I’ve had a steady flow of jobs and income.

Two: Working on a new career path – one that I’m excited about

From attending a couple of life-changing workshops (including BIDN) I let go of some dreams and another path revealed itself: the world of UX design

Since then I’ve taken practical steps to becoming a UX designer. I’ve attended meet-ups to learn about the UX design process, finding learning resources to enhance my understanding, evening coding again.

From attending a tech jobs fair I spoke to BBC, TfL and Conde Nast which has lead to fruitful conversations, and more recently, well the other day, a tech company would like me to forward my interest formally with CV.

Three: Being a vegan for almost a year

Becoming vegan has played a fundamental part to my personal development this year, it’s taken me to question a lot about how I live, how I see the world, the ethical choices I take, my relationships with the people in my life, those who I cross paths with, and generally my own well-being.

Four: I’m 40, I’m healthy and content

For 401 days counting-down to my 40th birthday I wrote a one-line journal daily. Most of it was about facing personal struggles. Somehow, upon turning 40 years old, I’ve let go of a soul-wrenching angst. I feel lighter, because … my focus has turned to what really matters to me. Forty has become a filter, a letting go of the unnecessary (I’m still filtering).

Ah … and then there’s celebration. I decided to celebrate my birthday for the first time in 19 years. The reason being because life has to be celebrated. I’m thankful for the life I have, I’m in a place in time where I’ve come to a self-realisation of what I can do. It’s a simple acknowledgement to come to, but to see the world, and see one’s own life; not for what it is, but what to make of it, is a gift.

I’ve spent a long time being down, being put down, being let down, and knowing what I have in me, and what I’m able to live for. 

“I’m grateful to be where I am now and to live more, for me.”


PS. I’m on track for my goal: I booked a flight to Oslo in March to attend a friend’s birthday. In January, I’ve bought a pass to do 30 days of yoga.