My Story – Pippa

A guest post by BIDN alumni Pippa, who attended our workshop in November 2016: Before I Die I Want To…Make Fun-damental Change.

Before I die I want to… use my time on this planet to make a real contribution and be proud of the work that I do.

Something that’s stayed with me that I learned from the BIDN workshop… is that this planet is filled with open-minded, kind, innovative human beings who want to make positives changes to this world too. So there is hope and we might just be okay after all. Also, that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. In fact, this is perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned at BIDN. Even though this is not a new concept to me (we all learn from our mistakes, blah, blah, blah), it’s absolutely the first time I believed it and perhaps even accepted it. ‘Mistakes’ for me were always these big terrifying monsters that had the potential to swallow me whole. BIDN reframed mistakes in a way that turned that monster into more of an ally. That might sound kinda bonkers, but it’s helped me so much in the weeks since the workshop!

What I’m proudest of having achieved since the workshop… is that I finally decided to invest in myself in the form of a HUGE career change. When the practical aspect of this fell apart, I didn’t give up… I persevered and have actually ended up in a much place, and one that I could have never imagined. If I’d given up at the first hurdle I would never have met such an amazing new group of people and be on my way to a really exciting and rewarding new career path.

What I’ve noticed about how I pursue my ambitions now is… that I am able to do so with real conviction and confidence. BIDN gave me the support and encouragement I needed to become much more self-aware with what it was I wanted to achieve. Now, with such a clear goal in mind the pursuit of it is exciting, instead of drenched in anxiety.

My current focus/challenge around my goal is… to find balance. I’ve done all the heavy lifting, I’m on my new path already. I need to make sure not to get burned out or lose inspiration. In the first workshop we did a visualization exercise and I still use that when I’m feeling overwhelmed or thinking about giving up. Giving up has been my party trick for the last few years and part of my goal is to break this cycle!

People can reach out to me to help via my email: phillipabrown [at] gmail [dot] com. I especially like book recommendations 🙂