My Story – Pam

Before I die I want to…

Collaborate with younger people on “future facing initiatives” – collaborative work involving people in London, in English speaking sub-Saharan Africa, and other locations across the planet, which is emerging from work I’ve done over the past fifteen years.

The original work could never have happened before the existence of the internet. Much of it happens online. It has a strong emphasis on practical projects, learning-by-doing, sharing what we learn, and co-creating a better future.

The future initiatives will happen in an organisation set to grow according to Teal organisational principles i.e. with high levels of self-management, “wholeness” (bringing “all of who we are” to what we do) and evolutionary purpose.

Progress since the last workshop

I’ve started collaborating with EvolvingOrganisation to set up structures for our expansion, and I’m doing a lot of learning and collaborating with people who are actively altering the way we work together locally and world-wide – you can see some of them in a recent open letter I wrote to a friend – Update on People, ULab, Holacracy, Teal and more.

All of this means that there are endless possibilities for you to get involved in new initiatives and create a role for yourself around your strengths, interests and values.

(Reality check – my work isn’t paid work, but there are other rewards and perhaps there will be paid work in future if all goes well.)

My current focus / challenge around my goal is…

I’m not much good at expressing what I’m doing, quickly and succinctly, so people can be inspired to join in.

I need help in telling the story of what I’ve been doing, and why, and who with, and how useful it’s been. We have evidence of its value. I need help to share the vision of what could happen if more people joined in.

The problem is that I can’t explain the “what” and “why” very well until I’ve found the help to tell the main story and share the vision in an attractive and effective way, both face-to-face and online, so I need breakthrough communication help, then more help to follow.

Changemaking moments with The Before I Die Network

What I love about The Before I Die Network is the playful, but seriously helpful, “thinking big” activities – like imagining you’re about to get the Nobel Prize, or that people are having an annual celebration day to remember your life, and you have to say why.

Such challenges clear the mind of what is totally impossible and leave space for new thinking about the possible. Immediately huge potential categories of achievement fall away with complete certainty. In my case for instance, well, I know it wouldn’t be for physics or any “hard sciences”, and nothing musical or “artistic” either. It’s definitely not sports or anything else on TV so…. hmm… that means I just have to take what I’m doing now and blow it up in my mind to earth-shatteringly-amazingly successful proportions and think what that would look like.

Looking at present efforts from that ultra-successful future perspective has the effect of “Wow. That does look good. I think I should go for it.” Then, in true BIDN style, we have to speak it out loud, as if we mean it, and because no-one laughs at us, the realms of the possible are suddenly, wondrously expanded.