Before I die I want you to know me…

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This is a guest post by Francine Mc Arthur, future novelist.

Have you ever thought about the person you would like to be? No wait, let me rephrase that. Have you ever thought about the person you want to be? What about the person you will be?

I don’t know about you but as an African child I was always asked about my future. You know, the typical: “What do you want be when you are older?”. And as I got older that question turned into: “What are you going to do after college?” (like, chill…) But never (I mean ever) was I shown how to get there. I had to figure it out on my own, and the only advice regarding the future always came with a strong African accent: “What you need to do…is to study!!!” (yeah OK… because it’s that easy..!).

Well, like many others before me, I went ahead and graduated from university, found a job and rejoiced in the fact that I had accomplished what my (strict but loving) family wanted me to accomplish. No more essays (thank god!), no more late nights in the library and best of all no more nagging! Honestly, I truly believed I was done! Yep, life was good…but it was all a big mirage that The Before I Die Network shattered in one meeting.

Yes ladies and gentleman, in one meeting I discovered that I was far from done, that my real accomplishments hadn’t even begun. But in that same meeting I also discovered who I wanted to be. Instead of being left to fend for myself, I was given the tools to recognise how to become the future me. It even helped me to identify (more like admit to myself) what is currently stopping me from being that future me.

This unique community full of easy going people helped me to lay the way that I had to follow, and all I had to do was to simply…follow it! It was time for a change, and The Before I Die Network gave me that little push that I never thought I needed, helped me to see a world that I never thought was there, and to open opportunities that I always thought were beyond my reach.

So who is the future me I hear you ask? Well, I’m a well-known writer and marketing executive. Blogging is my way of getting into the literature world; giving me a closer perspective on what people want to read. The more I write, the more my writing skills improve. This has been my biggest challenge yet. If my natural hair has taught me anything, it’s that nothing comes out perfectly (seriously, there is no way to control that beast!). My mind still doesn’t comprehend that though, so I second guess myself, by overthinking the content, grammar, everything about the blog post,  which always leads me to procrastinate (my biggest weakness) out of fear – because there is no worst critic than yourself. I thought that posting my first entry on my blog ‘Lets love talk‘ would free me from those fears, but I guess It’s an ongoing process, and hopefully it will get easier with every post.

I guess now I’m more open to failure (wait, hear me out), because if it doesn’t work out one way, then it simply means that you are closer to the right way. None of us is as smart as all of us, as K. H. Blanchard said, one brain can’t figure out all the possibilities, and there is no way of getting to where you want to be without a few bumps on the road…

I know that an uncertain future scares you and everyone around you. But sitting there, will get you nowhere (trust me, I know). You have to get up and take that first step. Remember, we were not born in this world to be alone, and you are far from the exception. So I’m going to leave an open invitation below, and if you (like me) can’t finish that sentence, then you know that The Before I Die Network is where the party is at!!! What what!!! (sorry, the ghetto me comes out when I’m exited…)