Before I Die I Want to…Live Boldly

A month after I landed in London, I attended a workshop by myself, and we were asked to fill in the blank of “Before I Die I want to…”  

I stared at the empty box, not knowing what to think.  To be honest, the thought of dying hadsn’t cross my mind.  I began to remember the devastating moment when my 14 year old cat passed away in 2014.  Most pet owners would agree, our precious pets are our friends and family.  My cat passing lead me to rethink my priorities, in the sense that death is inevitable, so seize the moment to avoid life regrets.  

As a result of that thought process, I look back at the things I’ve accomplished since I graduated from university.  I was told all my life that I need to have a stable job to survive, so as soon as I graduated, my only mission in life was to find a corporate job.  7 years and 4 different departments within the same organisation later, I quit my corporate life in Vancouver to exercise my working holiday visa before I was too old to take advantage of it.  Something I never thought I would do: quitting.  The irony is, as soon as I relocated, I got so ill I couldn’t even leave my bed for two weeks.  I guess this is what can happen when you take a real break.

Devastated from illness and trying to adapt to the London life, I began my job search journey.  I spent a solid month talking to recruiters, applying for jobs, working trial shifts and doing endless volunteering. I started to think my London escape might have been a mistake.  At this moment, a friend of mine told me about the Before I Die Network and that there was an event happening on December 16th.

Why not? I thought.  The worst case scenario is spending money on tube fare and 3-4 hours of my time. But “what if”?  What if it was awesome?  So I went.  And it was a great experience.  

So back to the box, what did I write?

Before I die I want to … Be comfortable being myself, have the confidence to face reality and be the boss of my own future without feeling guilty about it.  I want to stop following others and do the things I care about.  I want to take control.  


Living in this fast-paced-dog-eat-dog world of opportunity, time is money, but most importantly timing is everything.  It was a struggle to stick to my goals and not look back to what I had.  I love dedicating all my time to helping others but the opportunity cost is really high.  I over-volunteered for a few months and lost complete control of my life.  Fortunately, my passion to follow my dream – to run projects with social impact hasn’t changed.  My strategy, however, changed massively every time I reflected on the goals I wrote at the BIDN: Live Boldly workshop.    

One thing I really enjoyed about the BIDN workshop was the skills section.  There were 5-6 categories (i.e. creative, academic, entrepreneurial,etc), each represented with a different color post-it.  Participants were asked to take post-its of what they are good at and stick them on their arms and write the skills they lack on their chest.  I ended up gaining valuable advice from a lady involved in the food and health industry, then chatting with a graphic designer, and learned some tips on photoshop.  

Another great aspect about the workshop is the accountability section where we form small groups to encourage each other.  I made friends with one of the girls there and we went out for lunch a couple of weeks after the workshop.


My current focus:

  1. My jobs
  2. My feel-good projects with the people I pick to be on my team
  3. Volunteer gigs that I really want to do
  4. Everything else

Since the workshop, the most exciting project I’ve worked on is facilitating in a youth exchange on social entrepreneurship in Lithuania and Ireland for people age 18-30.  As a result of that youth exchange, I made friends in Portugal and Spain and am now planning a charity fashion show focused on female empowerment and clothing donation to refugees to prepare them for winter.


About me:

I am an Event Planning and Marketing Consultant and Founder of Catch Events.  I specialise in customised events, corporate launch, charity galas and conferences.  My current focus is to find innovative ways to tackle challenges within the social innovative space.  The two main projects I am working on include #RedstartStories – a collaborative project to bring awareness to the ethical aspect of the fashion and art industry through storytelling; and the Social Enterprise Experience Tours, where social businesses in London will be featured through interactive walking tours.  The purpose of these projects is to build a portal which promotes the importance of collaboration.  I am also an active member in the social innovation networks including: MakeSense, Empowerhack, and GCDA.

You can reach me via the following channels:

  1. Linkedin
  2. Facebook
  3. Skype: Charmaineykh


“Before I die I want to…” Are you ready to fill it out?