Figure out what you want to do with your life and how to get there as part of a supportive community




Life is too short to dream small.



Left university? Not loving your job? Had one of those “Aarrgh! What am I going to do with my life?” moments?

So did we. We looked for help, but found a lot of noise, and we got a bit lonely relying on Google to provide the answers. So we created the Before I Die Network. A place to get excited about the ambitions YOU want to follow (rather than the ones your mother, boss or careers advisor recommend), and to find a community that will help you to achieve them.

You only live once after all – we might as well make it a good one.

  • Inspired by Candy Chang’s Before I Die project, the Before I Die Network was born from our own experiences of being young and unemployed, and our disillusionment with the support available. Its foundations lie in the piles of rejection letters, the Job centre- enforced application letters to minimum wage roles, the awkward checking both ways before going to sign on, the unpaid internships, the sitting at home wondering what to Google that will help us to move forwards, and the lie that’s still perpetuated that says that if we’re not succeeding it’s because we’re not aiming low enough.
    The Before I Die Network was born because on our own, we are the “lost generation”, but when we join forces we can build a community and a future worth believing in.


We run regular workshops and socials for students, graduates and career changers to meet, eat cake, talk about what they want to do with their life and plan how to get there. Read about one participant’s experience here.

Click below to find out more, and to sign up for the next one. Can’t see an event? Drop us an email below to request one!

But… what will we do?

We use a combination of peer coaching, design thinking and good old fashioned talking to each other to help people think about what they want to do with their lives, and how to get there. 

Here are some real life things that some real life people have said about some of the previous Before I Die Network events: 

“It creates a community I don’t really have in my life right now”
“Young people left the workshop feeling better connected, enthused and ready to take practical steps towards their careers and other life goals.
If you’re dispirited with your career (or lack thereof) and want to take back control of your life, check yourself into a Before I Die Network Workshop.”
“Going from one big idea to simplifying it to two challenges made it seem more realistic”
“I basically found my niche”
“If you do one thing next week, look up The Before I Die Network and get on a workshop. One of the most inspiring nights I’ve had in a while”

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